Girl who lives in Rio de Janeiro. 16. Thanks for coming

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"People SHOULD be doubted. Many people misunderstand this concept. Doubting people is just a part of getting to know them. What many people call ‘trust’ is really just giving up on trying to understand others, and that very act is far worse than doubting. It is actually ‘apathy.’"
- Shinichi Akiyama (via jiyuno-tsubasa)

(via obscuro-quutamo)

"Witches know darkness. People like to think there is light and dark magic, but that’s not true. There is only dark. A black pool full of power and pain. The difference between “good” or “bad” witches is how responsible they are with the darkness."
- Natalie Whipple, House of Ivy and Sorrow (via thedruidsforest)